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  • Megan G.
    I recommend them to EVERYONE who is looking for an insurance provider!Read Full Review

    “It’s tough to get excited about something like insurance, but Kelly and her team are unbelievably awesome. I have multiple policies through Preston & Grafton and have contacted them about various things (chip in my windshield, moving, adding my engagement ring just to name a few) numerous times. Each and every time, I am taken care of SO quickly and I am blown away by the level of customer service that I receive.

    They take something that is not super fun to deal with and make it pleasant. I don’t know the first thing about insurance and they explain things to me in a way that I understand, and help me to get the best value as well as the right coverage.

    I am SO happy that I came across Kelly and her team!! I recommend them to EVERYONE who is looking for an insurance provider!”

  • TF
    They are just amazing.Read Full Review

    “They are just amazing. So caring and their customer service is top notch! I would recommend them to anyone! I have spoke with every person there, they have the best personalities and will go the extra mile for you! Kelly and Ryan are professionals that invest in their customers!”

  • J L
    Excellent customer service.Read Full Review

    “Excellent customer service. Kelly is the best agent that we have ever had! She is professional, courteous, prompt and has always given us the best price on our policies. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend this agency!!!

  • Joe Rostan
    Every single time I call, I am thankful...Read Full Review

    “The staff sets the standard for customer service.

    My wife and I have several policies, all through Kelly and the Preston Grafton Agency… Home, Auto, Life, Business… everything. Nothing that we couldn’t get from 10 minutes online with any other 1000 providers, or with a simple phone call. That’d be easy. What really stands out about this agency is their customer service, it is second to none.

    When you call their office, you will get your call answered, by one of a handful of outstanding people that they hire… a PERSON answers the phone… no automated “Push 1 for claims… Push 2 for sales… ” maze to navigate. When you talk to them, they are ALL OVER the issue you are having. Seriously. They explain options, review what was covered, follow up, and re-follow up. They never get impatient, they never let you slip through the cracks, they never leave questions unanswered.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to call their office for unfortunate incidents in the past. A few examples: A drunk driver drove through my property and heavily damaged some of my property. I called Kelly the next morning, sent her my security camera footage and she had a claim number AND an adjuster scheduled to meet me before the police had gotten me the police report or the driver’s info! Oh, and Kelly personally took the call… while she was in the hospital… in labor!!!

    I had to call the office another time while my wife and I were sitting in a closing for a house we were buying. Like most closings go, there are hiccups to iron out. I needed a document immediately from our insurance agent. Kelly took the call, as she stepped out of a wedding, to get us what we needed. I had the Certificate of Insurance in a few minutes from her office. No delay, no excuses that she was tied up… she gave me her cell number though just in case the calls didn’t get forwarded from their office and we needed anything else that day.

    Every single time I call, I am thankful that they take a few minutes to go over all our coverage, and to make sure we are covered. They advise, and we adjust as needed. This is very reassuring, especially when a kid texting on his cell phone runs though a stop sign and you t-bone him… after you get done being mad at him, you get your documents out to show the officer, and you realize you KNOW you’re covered, and there won’t be any delays getting you back on the road again.”

  • Blaire Noelle
    I switched my car insurance to Preston & Grafton and saved...Read Full Review

    “I switched my car insurance to Preston & Grafton and saved a significant amount of money! After a short time being insured, I was involved in two accidents. Both times these accidents occurred after work hours. One was on a Saturday evening and the other one was at 5:30 AM. Kelly responded to both of my phone calls instantly and provided me with excellent customer service! I am so happy I switched and couldn’t be happier with the services they have provided for me!

  • Bryan Chieze
    Great people, and will do whatever it takes to help you out!Read Full Review

    “I would definitely recommend going with Preston and Grafton Insurance! Great people, and will do whatever it takes to help you out!”

  • Randy Rogan
    I found Preston/Grafton were very competitive and got me the best rate!Read Full Review

    “When shopping agency’s I found Preston/Grafton were very competitive and got me the best rate! And when I recently had my total loss, there was no back and forth with them, I called them and the Owner took my call personally and had everything taken care in a very timely manner! I’ve heard horror stories about some company’s when there is a wreck involved, but w Preston/Grafton it was smooth sailing!”

  • DM
    I was so amazed I referred my father and grandfather...Read Full Review

    “Choosing this insurance agency was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did they make sure that all my policy’s had better coverage than before, they also saved me money. They are so friendly and not to mention they can get things done fast. I was so amazed I referred my father and grandfather and they switched to them too. THANK YOU PRESTON & GRAFTON AGENCY!!!”

  • ML
    It is the full package with impeccable customer service...Read Full Review

    “Preston Grafton Insurance Agency is a 5 star agency! It is the full package with impeccable customer service, professionalism, broad array of capabilities, and an exemplary staff!! Kelly and Ryan have gone out of their way to help my family and I find the best coverage for our unique needs. They are VERY intelligent and well-versed in the industry, and no one can come close to their low prices! Kelly, Ryan, and their wonderful staff are always available to answer any of our questions, and I feel very fortunate we found them to trust with our insurance needs!”

  • AR
    Unparalleled service and expert advice.Read Full Review

    “Unparalleled service and expert advice. I’m confident in working with P&G and look forward to their continued help.”

  • RH
    Preston Grafton Insurance Agency is amazing.Read Full Review

    “Preston Grafton Insurance Agency is amazing. They take care of our business, home and auto. Whenever we have a question or whenever we need something they are always there! We recently added a life insurance policy and they got things ready for us in a matter of hours!!! They always get right back to us if we have any questions. They make us feel like VIP’s. The type of knowledge, dedication & service they provide is very hard to find.

  • DT
    They are all patient, attentive and answer ALL my questions.Read Full Review

    “Everything I read that the other reviews said is true! Kelly and Ryan arent there quite as much anymore because of the baby and expanding, but the two young ladyies (Rachel and Sarah I believe are their names) there now are (almost) as sweet as Kelly. Its hard to be sweeter than Kelly because she is a doll, but they are lovely ladies. They are all patient, attentive and answer ALL my questions whenever I need to call. Aside from this agency, Erie has been really amazing to me. The rates, no one even comes close, even for new drivers. When I tell people how much I pay for insurance, their mouths drop lol literally! And from what ive seen Erie really stands by you if you have a problem”

  • EL
    They did a fantastic job with our auto insurance.Read Full Review

    “A pleasure to work with these guys. They did a fantastic job with our auto insurance. Could not be happier with the service.”

  • A
    5 stars!
  • A
    I trust their expert advice and certainly recommend them to anyone!Read Full Review

    “I contacted Preston and Grafton Insurance Agency for my policies and found the service to be extremely quick and timely. Ryan and Kelly were very professional and helpful in getting me set up with the correct plans for my situation. I trust their expert advice and certainly recommend them to anyone!”